Kiana Takes Florence


Florence was more beautiful than I could've imagined. It wasn't just the buildings and the history of the place, it was the charm and the luxury of the city. From small streets with boutique designers and family run cafés to squares that held historic structures like Brunelleschi's Duomo, Florence took my breath away with each corner we turned.

Our first day there was filled with shopping, of course. We arrived in Rome with our suitcases about 75% full, knowing that we would need a bit of extra space for our European shopping excursions. By the fourth day, at the end of our Florence trip, our suitcases were at maximum capacity. 

We explored small boutiques on narrow side streets in the shade and took a break at a classical, elegant Italian café. We ate lunch at Massimo Bottura's Gucci restaurant. It's interior was a combination of the luxury of Gucci and the interior styling of Wes Anderson. So essentially my dream.

We went Osterio Santo Spirito for dinner and had some stellar gnocchi in their outside seating and then spent the night watching a street performer sing by the fountain in Piazza Santo Spirito. By far one of the most amazing street performers I've ever seen.

We walked back to our hotel, Gallery Art Hotel, and stopped and took some photos on a bridge looking over Ponte Vecchio. My sister sitting on the edge and scaring my mom half to death.

Our second day in Florence was filled with more shopping, more food, and more beautiful views. We visited Piazzale Michelangelo where we were able to see an incredible view over the city with the Duomo peaking out on top of everything else. Out of the three Italian cities we visited, Florence has my heart. 

Kiana Toossi