Take 5: Kate Cavanaugh


Skincare research

I read a lot about skincare formulations and ingredients. I have super reactive skin, and you can only have so many rashes and breakouts before you start paying attention. I get lost in Reddit skincare threads and sometimes emerge with a new product rec. Selfcare is soothing, you know? 

Crime dramas

I am a lifelong Law & Order devotee, particularly of SVU and Detective Olivia Benson, but I'll go for a little vintage Mr. McCoy every now and again (true fans will feel me). I appreciate the formulaic resolution, I think, of crime dramas. 


I consider myself something of a sourdough bread connoisseur. My favorite part is that you have to rip into the crust and really put some effort in to chewing it up. It makes for more deliberate and focused eating.

Lip syncing

I thought about putting a true exercise practice somewhere on this list, like yoga, but honestly one of my most accessible and imaginative forms of cardio is a good 'ole fashioned song & dance party in my room. I used to choreograph routines when I was younger, but now I just freestyle. 

Lying on the floor

This is something people used to make fun of me for (I would even do it in the library sometimes during college) but then I read this piece on "earthing" in Quartzy and it validated the whole practice, sort of. 


Kate Cavanaugh grew up in a small town on the New England seacoast, but has since swapped the smell of the sea for the stench of the city. She now lives and writes and Brooklyn, where you'll often find her scrawling bulleted lists and run-on sentences on expensive paper with a pen she probably stole from you. 

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