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Queer Eye

We've spent several nights lately all gathered on the couch bingeing the reboot of Queer Eye, and everyone in our apartment is in love. We love when watching something becomes a social activity, and we really love when the people we're watching have unbelievably stalk-able instagrams. But seriously, check them out

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I (Lizzy) first discovered podcasts when Serial blew up, but after finishing their first season, I kind of fell out of the habit of listening to them. Recently, I started listening to podcasts again while I'm walking to class or at the gym. Some personal favorites of mine are: Serial (season 1), 2 Dope QueensGets My Goat (shoutout to my friend Will, rocking it over in Dubin), and RadioLab

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Plant Time

We love plants, and whether it's taking 20 minutes to put flowers around the house or going out to buy a new houseplant, bringing green into our space always makes up feel a hundred times better about pretty much anything. Right now, we get a lot of our flowers from the deli on the corner, but we're obsessed with The Sill and trying to decide what our next big plant purchase might be. 

Image by Kiana Toossi. 2018

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