Take 5: Viana Kalili

Read how Viana takes a break from being a student, musician, and writer, from petting cats to running while listening to political podcasts. The real multitasker.

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Viana Kalili
Take 5: Emily Powers

Sometimes, I wonder if I truly take breaks. I feel like my breaks are more propelled by how I’m feeling rather than responsibly planning them into my work schedule. Maybe this means my "breaks" are just modes of procrastination? Either way, here are some ways that I like to take a break!

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Emily Powers
Endnotes at The Chimney NYC

Lizzy visits Endnotes at The Chimney NYC, which features works by 12 artists and some of the artist’s own personal libraries, expanding the viewer’s understanding of the many dimensions that exist in each piece.

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Lizzy Cheshire